A truly unique, rare and remarkable district scale opportunity

Largest Gold in Till Anomaly

One of the largest unsourced gold in till anomalies in North America

6 km x 11 kms

Most gold dispersal trains 200 m x 3 kms.

Key structural corridor

Gold-receptive splays off a major inflection, Stull-Wunnummin Fauilt

Staking Occurring All Around TPK Following Exploration Permit Grant in 2023

Northern Superior will remain the largest shareholder of the newly created and fully funded public company.

Spin-off transaction announced on July 10, 2023

TPK Project​

Regional-scale gold systems​
Multiple high-grade gold discoveries

October Gold Project

On same auriferous structure as Cote lake – IAG​
Early-stage gold exploration property


Structural Setting​

  • Primary Structural Control:​
  • Gold- receptive splay shears off a major inflection, Stull- Wunnummin Fault.​


  • Malarctic
  • Val d’Or gold district on splays off major bend, Larder Lake- Cadillac Fault.​
Gold Grain-In-Till Dispersal Aprons/ Corridors:

  • Unique geological feature, largest N. America
  • Can only get this if there is significant gold exposed at the bedrock surface​
  • Most gold dispersal trains 200m x 3kms

Gold-Mineralized Boulder Trains:​

​Embedded within gold grain-in-till dispersal apron;​

Several high grade gold-bearing, boulder dispersal trains;​

Boulder lithology and geochemistry reveals much regarding host rocks for the gold.

High-Grade Gold Core:​

Multiple, significant gold discoveries already made, including:

  • Highlighted intersection: 25.87 g/t gold 13.45 m (TPK-10-004).​

Targeting- Big Dam Area​

Basal Till​

​Gold Grain Data​
Pathfinder elements (Arsenic)

Boulder Gold Geochemistry​

​High Grade Gold ​
Pathfinder elements (Arsenic)​

“Blue Sky” District Scale Opportunity-Annex “Another District Scale System”

Keely Lake gold grain-in-till dispersal corridor (3.5 km wide, 13.5 km in length).​

Mineralized, large, tabular boulders returning assay values as high as 727 g/t gold, 111 g/t silver, and 4.05 % copper.​

Several high quality targets defined from geophysics, gold grains and mineralized boulders.

Gold-silver-copper mineralization.​

Targeting- Annex Area​

One discovery follow-up area + three target areas defined:​

Au-Ag targets associated with a basalt-andesite/quartz diorite-monzogranite contact ​
Au-Cu target associated with a dolerite-diorite-gabbro/quartz-diorite monzogranite contact.​
Discovery follow-up drilling proposed to understand orientation of local structure associated with hole NG-12-003C, 4.63g/t Au over 5.50m.​