Wapistan. Multiple Commodity…

Property Highlights:

  • Positioned within the James Bay Lowlands, a new and evolving gold district (Figure 1);
  • Large property position, 210 claims (10,722 hectares) over two claim blocks (Wapistan East and West)(Figure 2);
  • 100% Northern Superior;
  • Easily accessed by all- season roads, hydro and two communities offering exploration and mining services; 
  • Geology is comparable to gold bearing regions further south (e.g. Abitibi Region);
  • Property consists of 9 historic showings and 4 new ones discovered from Company’s 2018 prospecting program (see Table 1);  and
  • The Wapistan property has the potential to host six mineralization styles representing multiple early-stage exploration opportunities (see Figure 4).

Figure 1. Location of the Wapistan, multi-commodity mineral property. This property is positioned within the James Bay Lowlands, a new and evolving gold district.

The Property

Wapistan is an important, early-stage mineral exploration property within Northern Superior’s exploration property portfolio. Strategically positioned within the James Bay Lowlands, an emerging and important exploration and mining camp in the James Bay Lowlands of Québec (see Northern Superior press release, April 5. 2022). 

The property is a large one, consisting of 210 claims or 10,722 hectares and is 100% Northern Superior (Figure 2). The property is divided into two large blocks: Wapistan East and Wapistan West.

Figure 2.  The large 210 claims (10,722 hectare), 100% Northern Superior owned Wapistan multi-commodity property. 

Favorable Geology

The geology is comparable to gold bearing regions further south (e.g. Abitibi Region) with lithologies generally consisting of greenstone belt basalts, iron formation etc. with lozenge-shaped granitoid intrusions. Structurally, there is a major N-S to NE-SW ‘kink’ in the trend of the greenstone belt which is viewed as being favorable for creating dilation sites that may concentrate gold-bearing fluids. There are at least two major deformation corridors identified on the property (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Geology of the Wapistan multi-commodity property. See text for details.

Favorable Mineralization

Several historical showings occur across the property, including: Lac Atsynia, Know Bull, Threefold, Lac Kaychikuapichu-NW, Anomalie 3-26, Atikamakuch North, Lac Shabudowan, Anomalie 340, Poplar, Lac Wapistan, Lac Wapistan Ouest, P-G Zone West and Threefold (see Northern Superior press release January 29, 2019). Northern Superior discovered four additional mineral showings during a short prospecting program completed in 2018 (see Northern Superior press release, January 29, 2019). These showings include: PG-Zone west; Lac Kaychikuapichu; Nimaastaakuwit; and Atikamakuch North (Table 1, Figure 4).

Table 1. Summary of 9 historic and 4 newly discovered mineral showings on the Wapistan multi-commodity property.

The Wapistan property has the potential to host one or more of the following mineralization styles: 

  • Archean orogenic gold mineralization (Au-Ag±Cu);
  • Archean ortho-magmatic base metal mineralization (Ni-Cu-Co-PGE);
  • Archean quartz-pebble conglomerate Mineralization (U);
  • Archean iron-oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) mineralization (Fe-Cu±U);
  • Archean copper porphyry mineralization (Au-Ag-Cu-Zn); and
  • Archean banded-Iron formations (Fe).

The Greater Opportunity: Wapistan Exploration 2022

Northern Superior initiated a drone supported, low elevation (20- 30m above ground level), extensive (~2,450 line kilometer) high resolution UAV magnetic survey over the property (see Northern Superior press release, April 5, 2022) (Figure 5). Data derived from this survey coupled with observations made from the 2018 fall prospecting program will be used to plan a property scale 2022 Q2/ Q3 bedrock mapping and prospecting program. Pending results from the summer program, the Company may execute a fall core drill program over any defined targets.

Figure 4. Location of multiple showings, Wapistan Property. Refer to Table 1 for a summary of each showing.

Figure 5. Outline of 2022 drone supported, high resolution AUV magnetic survey. The survey was flown between 15- 30m above ground level, 50m line spacing. Approximately 2,450 line kilometers are planned for this survey. The LZ designations on the illustration represent helicopter landing zones required to support the drone survey.