Lac Surprise Gold Property


  • Reconnaissance of mineral exploration locally with much exploration and development capital being allocated specifically to the area immediately tied to this property;
  • Extension of the gold- bearing hydrothermal system associated with the 3.2 million ounce Nelligan gold deposit defined onto the property (highlighted by an intersection of 1.54g/ t Au over 15.5m); and
  • Several under-explored gold showings discovered

Hot Real Estate

The Lac Surprise gold property, as is the case with Northern Superior’s Croteau Est property, is situated in one of Québec’s more important and historic mining camps, Chapais-Chibougamau. Centrally located within this camp, an area currently experiencing aggressive mineral exploration, the Lac Surprise property includes major regional structures associated with recent gold mineralization discoveries. These discoveries include: a) Ressources Géoméga Inc.’s (“Géoméga”) Anik Gold property, located directly north of and tied onto, the Lac Surprise property (see Géoméga news releases, February 23, and September 28, 2015a, b); b) Vanstar Mining Resources Inc. (Vanstar) and IAMGOLD Corporation’s Nelligan property, located directly east of and tied onto, the Lac Surprise property (see Vanstar news releases, February 23, 2015, June 30, 2016, March 14th, 2017); and c) TomaGold Corporation and IAMGOLD’s Monster Lake property, located 10km to the north-northeast of the Lac Surprise property (see TomaGold news releases, February 25, 2015 and June 15, 2016).

In addition, these same structures over which the Lac Surprise property occurs host several gold mines and deposits which include the: Lac Short Mine and Fenton Deposit to the west, the Joe Mann Mine and Philibert Deposit to the east and the Chevrier Deposit to the northeast.

Nelligan Hydrothermal System

Northern Superior defined the extension of the gold- bearing hydrothermal system associated with the 3.2 million ounce gold Nelligan deposit onto the northeastern part of the property during the Company’s 2019 core drill program (see Northern Superior press release, December 9, 2019). This system is described as part of a “vast auriferous system offering a potential of multi-million gold ounces” (Vanstar PowerPoint presentation, May 2019). Northern Superior has developed a core drill program designed to defined the extent and economic potential of this system on the Lac Surprise property.

More Blue Sky Potential

This property has discovered a number of gold showings on the property that are underexplored and require further work (see Northern Superior corporate presentation, Showings include:

  1. Black Phoenix (grab samples ranging from 0.14 to 19.9 g/t Au);
  2. Fox and Fox North (channel samples ranging from 0.084 up to 2.95 and 0.097 up to 6.76 g/t Au both over 1m);
  3. Tonalite-1 Showing (grab samples ranging from 0.023 up to 1.07 g/t Au);
  4. Till 68 Showing (channel sample ranging from 0.016 up to 2.44 g/t Au over 0.85m);
  5. Till 39 Showing (channel sample ranging from 0.106 up to 2.89 g/t Au over 1.0m); and
  6. Amber Showing (grab samples ranging from 0.81 up to 28.6 g/t Au and a channel sample of 0.02 up to 10 g/t Au over 1.0m including 26.1 g/t Au over 0,5m).

The last drill program also intersected a new gold system named the Roi (see Northern Superior press release, December 9, 2019).