Lac Surprise Gold/Silver

Property Highlights:

  • Positioned within the established, active and important Chapais- Chibougamou Mining camp (Figure 1);
  • Large property position, ~20 x 20kms, 274 claims (15,178.5 hectares)(see Figure 2);
  • 100% Northern Superior;
  • Mineral Exploration Agreement recently signed with the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi;
  • Easily accessed by all- season roads, rail, airport and hydro, many exploration and mining services provided by three local communities, long history and tradition of mineral exploration and mining;
  • Recent discovery of the Falcon Gold Zone (FGZ) thought to be the extension of the neighboring IAMGold/ Vanstar Nelligan gold deposit: 43-101 compliant resource, 3.2 million ounces gold, grading 1.02 g/t Au* (see Figure 3);
  • FGZ assays and materials consistent with those reported from the Nelligan gold deposit (see Figure 4, Table 1);
  • FGZ continuity is exceptional, 100% hit rate with core drill programs (29 of 29 holes);
  • FGZ is open along strike to the west and depth (see Figures 8, 5) with the possibility of higher-grade material at depth; and
  • Multiple early-stage exploration opportunities (see Figure 7).

Figure 1. Location of the Lac Surprise property within the Chapais- Chabougamau exploration camp.

Falcon Gold Zone (FGZ) Discovery:

Through the first half of 2021 Northern Superior initiated and completed a very successful 26 hole, 7010.7m core drill program on Target 1 of its 100% owned Lac Surprise property, located in the very active Chapais-Chibougamau gold camp of Québec (see Northern Superior press releases March 15 and August 17, 2021). This program follows on the success of a core drill program, completed in the fall of 2020, with the important discovery of the FGZ associated with Target 1, one of four targets identified within the northeastern part of the Lac Surprise property (see Northern Superior press release, November 5 and December 22, 2020). This gold zone is believed to be the western extension of the neighboring IAMGold/ Vanstar’s Nelligan gold deposit located approximately 2.4 kilometers (“km”) to the east with an inferred resource* of 3.2 million ounces at 1.02 g/t Au (Figure 3).

The FGZ: Proven Robust Lateral Continuity

The FGZ is a major, near-surface new discovery made by Northern Superior over the past 18 months and can be traced west over 900m from the eastern boundary of the property, on strike with Vanstar/ IAMGold’s 3.2M ounces at 1.02 g/t Au Nelligan gold deposit* (Northern Superior press release, August 17, 2021)(Figure 3). The robust, lateral continuity of the FGZ is highlighted by a 100% drill hole strike rate (29 of 29 holes). Notable holes from the FGZ include: LCS21-029 (1.36g/t Au over 40.0m; 273.00-313.00m); LCS19-005ext (1.54g/t Au over 44.9m; 293.50-338.40m); LCS21-43 (1.10g/t Au over 43.0m; 95.00-138.00m); and LCS21-032 (1.99g/t Au over 42.6m; 107.40-150.00m) (Table 1, Figure 4; see Northern Superior press releases, August 17, 2021; March 10, 2022). 

Figure 2. The 100% Northern Superior owned, large Lac Surprise property (~20 x 20kms, 274 claims (15,178.5 hectares).

Figure 3. The Lac Surprise property within a very active exploration area. The recent discovery of the FGZ is though to be a 900m, westward expansion of the neighboring IAMGold/ Vanstar Nelligan gold deposit: 43-101 compliant resource, 3.2 million ounces gold, grading 1.02 g/t Au*.

Table 1. Multiple intersections within the FGZ with gold values > 1.0 g/t Au over 900m strike length.

Figure 4. Highlighted drill intersections with gold values >1.0g/t Au (see Table 1), Falcon Gold Zone highlighting lateral continuity with remarkable consistency and predictability.

The FGZ has demonstrated excellent lateral continuity thus far, with over 900m of strike length defined and with all 26 holes drilled in 2021 successfully intersecting this gold zone, highlighting its remarkable consistency and predictability (100% success rate; see Northern Superior press release, February 8, 2022). 

Historically, multiple holes drilled intersecting the FGZ from drill programs completed in 2019, 2020 and 2021 assayed over 1.00 g/t Au (see Table 1, Figure 4). The current program will seek to expand on this 900m of strike by testing for additional extensions of the FGZ to the west, over an additional 3km (see Northern Superior press release, February 8th, 2022).

The FGZ: Proven Robust Vertical Continuity

Historically, vertical continuity of the FGZ has proven to be excellent with multiple sections defined with 3 to 6 pierce points and demonstrating a currently defined vertical continuity of up to 250m (see Northern Superior press release February 8, 2022). Equally encouraging, the FGZ remains open at depth over the whole 900m strike length drilled to date.

The Company recently announced that the first three holes of its winter 2022 core drill program intersected the FGZ at depth. This extends the vertical continuity of the FGZ from 250m to 343m, an additional 93m (see Northern Superior press release March 10, 2022) (Figure 5).

Figure 5. Vertical cross sections illustrating the projected extension of the Falcon Gold Zone to surface, first three drill holes, 2022 winter drill program. Section 1: LCS22-055 (336m); Section 2: LSC22- 056 (343m); Section 3: LCS22-058 (340m).

The FGZ: Potential for Higher Grades at Depth

The FGZ’s defining characteristics include presence of silicification, sericitization, coarse clastic materials (wacke) and pyrite, traceable along the whole 900m of strike length and 343m depth drilled to date. Higher gold and silver grades within the FGZ are associated with smoky grey quartz veins and silicification often containing molybdenite and pyrite, enveloped within strong sericite-carbonate-pyrite alteration. Selected higher grade intersections are summarized in Table 2 (see Northern Superior press release, February 8, 2022). 

These higher-grade intervals are showing some good vertical continuity, and thus, in addition to testing the vertical extent of the FGZ an additional objective of the 2022 winter core drill program will be to see if these higher-grade intervals expand in either thickness or grade at depth (see Northern Superior press release, February 8, 2022)(Figure 6). The higher-grade material is thought to occur between the footwall of the FGZ and a Wacke unit. Four holes will be drilled to test this hypothesis.

Hole #

From (m)

To (m)

Length (m)

Au (g/t)

Ag (g/t)



































































Table 2. FGZ higher grade intersections. True width is estimated to be between 70 and 85% of core length.

Figure 6. FGZ high grade long section composite gold grade. Note system is open at depth.

The Greater Opportunity: Lac Surprise Exploration 2022

The Lac Surprise property is a large land package (20 x 20km). Aside from the potential of growing the FGZ at Target 1, additional opportunities occur across the property. These are specifically associated with the area west of Target 1 and the FGZ, Target 1B, the Confluence and Amber areas (see Northern Superior press releases August 17, Corporate Presentation (Figure 7). 

Figure 7. Exploration upside…opportunities across the whole Lac Surprise property. 

Target 1, West of Target 1, Target 1B

The Company recently announced the initiation of a 15-hole (6,650m) core drill program (see Northern Superior press release, February 8, 2022) and has also subsequently provided an update on that program (see Northern Superior press release, March 10, 2022) (Figure 8).

The objectives of this program are threefold:

  1. Continue to expand the FGZ strike extension west. The FGZ extends over 900m and remains open to the west, where Northern Superior controls 12km of the host Opawica-Guercheville Deformation Zone. This zone is thought to be the western extension of the neighboring Vanstar/ IAMGold’s, 3.2M ounces at 1.02 g/t Au Nelligan gold deposit* (see Northern Superior press release, August 17, 2021). There are 9 core drill holes (3,375m) planned for this purpose that will test an additional 3 km of ground west of the currently defined FGZ;
  2. Extend the currently defined FGZ at depth, and test for higher grade mineralization at depth. The FGZ was known to extend to a True Vertical Depth (TVD) of 250 meters and has shown consistent vertical continuity over that interval, remaining open at depth and to surface. The first 3 of 4 deeper drill holes (2,275m) planned in this program have already established that the TVD of the FGZ extends to at least 343m (see Northern Superior press release, March 10, 2022). Assy results will demonstrate whether higher grades occur at depth; and
  3. Determine if a parallel gold-bearing structure exists south of the FGZ, Target 1B. Drilling in 2020 intersected 0.29 gpt over 23.1 meters and collared in what we now recognize to be similar lithology to the FGZ. There are 3 core drill holes (800m) planned for this purpose.

Figure 8. Core drill collar locations designed to: a) test the western extension of the Falcon Gold Zone; b) understand the process of gold mineralization associated with this Gold Zone; and c) test a second area south of and parallel to the Falcon Gold Zone for gold mineralization.

Orix Geoscience Inc. was contracted to compile, organize and interpret the large amount of geoscientific information associated with the Lac Surprise property. The purpose of this program was three-fold:

  1. Assist in proper placement of collar locations and trace orientations of the 2022 winter core drill program, particularly with the area west of the FGZ;
  2. Identify additional areas of mineralization and specific targets within the property; and
  3. Assist in directing bedrock mapping and prospecting programs for the summer/ fall of 2022 across the whole Lac Surprise property.

Confluence Area

During Q2 of 2021 the Company initiated and completed a 954 line-km drone magnetic survey over the central part of the property referred to as the “Confluence Area”, so named after the confluence of two prominent deformation zones in this area: the Remick and Doda (Figure 9). Within this area there exists a prominent gold grain-in-till dispersal train (maximum 49 grains), stream sediment sample yielding 107 gold grains and a gold showing with a grab sample that assayed 1.35g/t Au (see Northern Superior press release, April 19, 2021). Multiple targets have been identified from this survey and management is currently combining this data with other field data and recommendations from the Orix Geoscience report to develop a field geology mapping and prospecting program in addition to a core drill program.

Figure 9. Areas covered by the 954-line km drone magnetic survey, Confluence area.

Amber Area

Northern Superior has initiated an extensive IP and magnetometer geophysical survey program (58-line kms) over its prospective Amber area (see Northern Superior press release, March 14, 2022)(Figure 10). This geophysical program is designed to test the southeastward extension of these three gold-bearing shear zones previously identified in this area of the Lac Surprise property (see Northern Superior press releases, February 17, 2015; October 5, 2015; March 9, 2017). The three gold-bearing shear zones are aligned parallel to each other with gold being associated with strongly sheared silicified carbonatized gabbro, diorite quartz feldspar porphyry. Highlights for each of three gold zones include:

a)    South Trend (310°), consisting of the Amber Gold showing.
     I.    Bedrock grab sample, 28.6g/t Au.
     II.    Channel sample, 10.0g/t Au over 1.0m including 26.1g/t Au over 0.5m.
     III.    Trenching defines 290.0m strike, 20m wide, open along strike, both directions.
     IV.    Core drill intersection of 2.26g/t Au over 4.85m incl. 11.5g/t Au over 0.82m.

b)    Central Trend, consisting of the Till-39 Gold Showing, aligned parallel to (310°), and 325m north of the South Trend.
     i.    Till sample yielding 17 pristine gold grains.
     ii.    Channel sample, 2.89g/t Au over 1.0m.

c)    North Trend, consisting of the Till- 68 Gold Showing, aligned parallel to (310°), and 550m north of the South Trend.
     i.    Till sample yielding 68 pristine gold grains.
     ii.    Channel sample, 2.44g/t Au over 0.85m.

Figure 11. The 2022 IP and magnetometer survey (58-line kms) defined by the black grid. This grid shown in black is the eastern extension of the 2015 IP survey (27.35-line kms; red grid). The 2022 geophysical program, coupled with a prospecting, bedrock mapping and sampling program is designed to trace the southeastward extension of the three gold-bearing zones previously defined (three black dashed lines). 

This program is the foundation for a prospecting, bedrock mapping and sampling program being planned for Q2/ Q3 of 2022. The Company will design a 2022 Q3/ Q4 core drill program to test any prospective mineral targets that may be defined from the geophysics, prospecting, bedrock mapping and sampling programs.

*Reference for IAMGOLD/Vanstar’s Nelligan 3.2MM Inferred Gold Resource: “Carrier, Alain (M.Sc., P.Geo); Nadeau-Benoit, Vincent (P.Geo); Fauvre, Stéphane (PhD., P.Geo). October 22, 2019. NI 43-101 Technical Report and Initial Resource Estimate for the Nelligan Project, Québec, Canada.”