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Sudbury, Ontario, August 29, 2017,Northern Superior Resources Inc. (“Northern Superior” or the “Company”) (TSXV: SUP) (OTCQB: NSUPF), is pleased to provide the following exploration updates on its 100% owned Ti-pa-haa-kaa-ning (TPK) gold-silver-copper and Croteau Est gold properties.

TPK Highlights Include:

  • Recovery of additional mineralized boulders, submitted for assay, Annex and TPK portions of property (see Figure 1);
  • 290 bulk till samples collected thus far (sampling ongoing), submitted for heavy mineral and geochemical analysis;
  • Re-logging drill core from eight drill core holes, derived from a previous diamond drill core program in the TPK area, is complete;
  • New geological mapping, petrographic studies and a geological synthesis of all available geochemical (till plus rock), geophysical (magnetic plus ground induced polarization [IP] surveys) and geological (bedrock mapping) data are either complete or are ongoing; and
  • Camp maintenance and upgrades are nearing completion.

Croteau Est Highlights Include:

  • Televiewer survey of eleven diamond core drill holes, previously drilled within the inferred resource associated with the Croteau Bouchard Shear Zone (CBSZ), is complete; and
  • Televiewer survey data is currently being evaluated to assist in understanding local structural controls on gold mineralization.

Dr. T.F. Morris, President and CEO of Northern Superior states: “These exploration programs completed on time and under budget, have provided and continue to provide invaluable geoscientific information. This information is critical for further delineating and refining specific mineral targets for the diamond  core drilling programs planned later this year and early next year for both the TPK and Croteau Est properties. We look forward to reporting exploration results as data becomes available.”

TPK Gold- Silver- Copper Property, Northwestern Ontario

  1. Exploration Program – Annex Part of the Property (Figure 1): This near completed, four week multi-disciplinary exploration program (till heavy mineral and geochemical sampling, geological mapping and prospecting) is designed to better define specific mineralized targets associated with the large gold-silver-copper bearing greenstone belt discovered in 2011 (see press release, Northern Superior Resources, December 7, 2011):
    1. To date, 290 bulk till samples (approximately 10kg per sample) have been collected, an area 8.5km (north to south) by 10.5km (east to west)(see Figure 1). The samples complement heavy mineral sampling that defined the 3.5km wide Keely Lake gold grain-in-till dispersal corridor on this part of the property (see press release, Northern Superior Resources, October 25, 2011). Data derived from the current samples are intended to further delineate the location of the source of the mineralized boulders and till; and
    2. 175 of 194 boulders collected previously from prospecting within the Keely Lake gold grain-in-till corridor, were reported to contain visible sulphides that returned assays of up to 727g/t gold, 111g/t silver, 4.1% copper (see press release, Northern Superior Release, June 25, 2012). During the current work program, 89 of 106 samples collected and submitted for geochemical assays thus far are reported to contain visible sulphides.
  1. Structural Study, Mineralized Target Refinement – TPK Part of the Property (Figure 1): The purpose of this portion of the work program is to finalize the location and orientation of diamond drill holes planned for Q1 and Q2, 2018. Data derived from this summer’s exploration program will be used in conjunction with the distribution and concentration of gold grains associated with the unique and remarkable 6km wide TPK gold grain-in-till apron contained within this part of the property (see press releases, Northern Superior Resources, June 21, 2010 and December 6, 2011). Northern Superior is also nearing completion of the four week multi-disciplinary exploration program on this portion of the property including geological mapping, prospecting and core logging:
    1. 51% of the 216 boulder and outcrop samples collected from prospecting contain visible sulphide mineralization. Previous prospecting in this area defined several gold-bearing boulder dispersal trains returning gold assay values of up to 94.21 g/t gold (see press release, Northern Superior Resources, September 15, 2010; Corporate Presentation, www.nsuperior.com);
    2. Re-logging and re-sampling of eight reconnaissance drill-holes (2,175m of drilling) completed previously in the Crying Boy Lake area by Rainy River Resources (see press release, Northern Superior Resources and Rainy River Resources, June 8, 2010) has been completed. The drill-core re-logging, aided by new geological mapping, petrographic studies and a geological synthesis of all available geochemical (till plus rock), geophysical (magnetic plus ground induced polarization [IP] surveys) and geological (bedrock mapping) data, will be used to better define structural trends and a coherent mineralization model for future drilling in each of several target areas, defined within this part of the property. Diamond core drilling in this area is planned to commence during the winter of 2018.
    3. A geophysical compilation and interpretation of the Company’s extensive airborne magnetic survey and IP survey data for the TPK property is in the process of being completed. Interpretation of this data will assist in understanding structural controls associated with local gold mineralization.
  1. Rowlandson Lake Exploration Camp, Maintenance and Upgrades: The Company’s exploration camp has undergone maintenance, repairs and upgrades. This work was necessary to not only accommodate the 21 people involved with the current exploration program, but also to facilitate future drill crews, geologists and support staff for the planned Q1 and Q2 2018 diamond core drill program.

Figure 1. TPK gold- silver- copper property, northwestern Ontario.

Croteau Est Gold Property, West- Central Québec
A survey of 11 core holes, previously drilled by Northern Superior, within the CBSZ was recently completed by a geophysical consultancy, using an optical televiewer borehole camera. These survey results will provide structural data on the orientation of quartz veins, mineralized quartz-feldspar porphyry (QFP) and intermediate plagioclase porphyry (I2) dykes that frequently host high grade intercepts.

This televiewer survey data, in conjunction with channel assay data from four trenches across the CBSZ (previous Northern Superior exploration programs), will be interpreted by Northern Superior staff and a structural geological consultancy in order to provide optimum targeting of the high grade ore shoots. Table 1 summarizes grade times thickness data for 33 drillhole intercepts from within twenty one core drill holes, where the mineralization is interpreted to be arrayed in one or more plunging ore shoots. These ore shoots will be the focus of a 6,000-8,000m diamond drill hole program scheduled to be completed during the fourth quarter of 2017.

Table 1: Grade x Thickness Drillhole Intercepts Arrayed in Plunging Ore Shoots Within the CBSZ

Drillhole Sample Interval Assay Value Length (m) grade x thickness
From (m) To (m) (g/t Au)
CRO11-01 41.1 45.5 3.7 4.4 16.2
CRO11-05 170.2 176.0 12.7 5.9 74.5
181.8 190.5 12.8 8.8 111.7
CRO11-06 15.6 18.0 9.6 2.5 23.6
28.0 34.0 4.6 6.0 27.5
CRO11-08 25.0 35.0 2.1 10.0 21.1
CRO12-10 90.8 110.3 8.2 19.6 159.5
CRO12-11 96.0 108.3 1.6 12.3 19.7
CRO12-21 59.2 59.7 32.4 0.5 16.2
CRO12-22 88.0 105.0 0.8 17.0 14.3
CRO12-29 171.2 181.4 3.4 10.2 34.2
CRO12-31 315.5 334.0 2.0 18.5 37.6
CRO12-34 160.3 168.5 3.4 8.2 28.1
181.0 188.1 2.0 7.1 14.3
221.7 233.2 5.8 11.5 66.0
236.0 250.2 3.3 14.2 46.6
CRO12-35 353.0 353.4 49.4 0.4 19.8
CRO12-36 528.95 549.75 1.32 20.8 27.5
including 540.25 549.75 2.43 9.5 23.1
CRO12-38 206.0 215.4 2.6 9.4 24.1
220.0 243.0 0.8 23.0 19.1
CRO12-41 153.4 155.2 25.8 1.9 47.7
170.4 199.5 1.2 29.2 34.7
207.5 220.0 2.3 12.6 28.4
240.0 259.0 0.7 19.0 13.5
CRO12-42 276.5 278.2 8.7 1.8 15.2
CRO12-43 200.7 221.4 0.9 20.7 17.8
CRO12-46 241.2 246.0 75.4 4.8 362.1
283.9 291.0 1.9 7.1 13.6
CRO12-49 270.4 273.0 9.5 2.6 24.8
CRO12-54 537.2 540.9 2.4 3.7 8.9
678.6 686.0 3.2 7.4 24.0
730.6 733.5 6.2 2.9 17.9
CRO12-64 251.0 252.0 18.85 1.0 18.9
n= 21 drillholes

About Northern Superior Resources Inc.
Northern Superior is a reporting issuer in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Québec, and trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol SUP and the OTCQB Venture Market under the symbol NSUPF. The Company is currently focused on exploring its 100% owned Croteau Est (Québec) and Ti-pa-haa-kaa-ning (Northwestern Ontario) properties. Northern Superior is currently looking to option out its other 100% owned mineral properties in Québec and Northwestern Ontario.

Qualified Person
The Company’s Qualified Person (“QP”) for the TPK and Croteau Est properties is Ron Avery (P.Geo.). As the QP for both projects, Mr. Avery has approved information disclosed in this press release.

For further information please visit the Company’s website at www.nsuperior.com or contact:

Thomas F. Morris P.Geo., PhD., FGAC
President and CEO
Tel: (705) 525‐0992
Fax: (705) 525‐7701
e‐mail: info@nsuperior.com

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