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Sudbury, Ontario, May 9, 2017,Northern Superior Resources Inc. (“Northern Superior” or the “Company”) (TSXV: SUP), is pleased to announce the discovery of two new gold-bearing structures from the Company’s Phase 1 core drill program on its 100% owned Croteau Est property. These new gold-bearing structures occur beyond the confines of the previously reported inferred resource for the Croteau Bouchard Shear Zone (“CBSZ”) on the property (refer to press release, January 14, 2016).  

Dr. T.F. Morris, President and CEO of Northern Superior states: “Clearly we are exploring a large and varied mineralized system that extends beyond the confines of the CBSZ on the property. This phase of drilling both met and exceeded the expectations for this first phase exploratory drill program (refer to press release, February 15, 2017) by:

  1. demonstrating expansion of gold mineralization east of the Croteau Fault through the discovery of a gold-bearing shear structure;
  2. providing a better understanding of gold mineralization associated with the inferred resource; and
  3. discovering a second gold-bearing structure associated with the cross- cutting Croteau South Shear Zone and Croteau Fault. By extension, this provides further support for the hypothesis that wherever this cross-cutting relationship exists on the property, there is an opportunity for gold mineralization.”

Dr. Morris further states: “Over the next several weeks we will further evaluate the data to determine targeting for the Phase 2 drill program, scheduled to begin Q3. The results of this program provide an excellent opportunity to increase the current inferred resource, and point to the potential of additional ounces elsewhere on the property.”

Primary Highlights of Phase 1 Drill Program:

  1. Five holes (CRO17-79 to 83, representing 1,056.5 metres (“m”) east of the Croteau Fault (Figure 1) discovered a new zone of shear hosted mineralization and associated quartz veining containing gold values ranging upwards of 7.39 g/t gold over 1.70 m + 3.76 g/t gold over 1.22 m (see Table 1). This newly defined,  13-23 m wide,  gold-bearing structure which is currently identified for  340m along strike, is open to the east;
  2. Three holes (CRO17-87 to 89, representing 678 m) drilled in an area 1 kilometre (“km”) south of the inferred resource where the Croteau South Shear Zone and Croteau Fault intersect, testing anomalous gold bearing bedrock chips recovered from reverse circulation drill holes (Figure 1), discovered a 100 m wide interval of brittle stock work fracturing, shearing and quartz veining associated with assays of up to 3.47 g/t gold over 1.2 m (see Table 1); and
  3. Furthering our understanding of structural controls and emplacement mechanisms for higher grade material, such as the reported high grade shoots observed within the CBSZ (refer to press release, November 3, 2014).

As this first phase of drilling came in under budget, there are sufficient funds remaining to pursue the more focussed Phase 2 drill program of a further 8,000 m to 10,000 m.

Targets for Phase 2 will be determined in the coming weeks based on a thorough examination of all data derived from the Phase 1 program. These targets may be selected to define additional ounces within the currently defined inferred resource and/or define “new” gold ounces associated with one (or both) of the two newly discovered gold-bearing structures. A further announcement will be made through a press release once those targets are defined for Phase 2.

Figure 1. Location of key drill holes and relevant geologic features (see text for details).

Table 1: Assay Highlights Croteau Est 2017 Winter Drill Program.

Drillhole From
(Au g/t)
Targeted Areas for Drilling
CRO17-76 36.35 36.87 0.72 0.52 Determine offset of Croteau Bouchard shear against the Croteau Fault
100.0 100.86 0.45 0.86
CRO17-77 190.5 191.5 0.78 1.00 Determine distribution of intrusive dykes within Croteau Bouchard shear
CRO17-79 82.52 83.74 3.76+ 1.22 New mineralized zone – Area #1
90.5 91.1 2.58 0.60 New mineralized zone – Area #1
94.9 95.65 2.74* 0.75 New mineralized zone – Area #1
98.7 100.4 7.39+ 1.70 New mineralized zone – Area #1
CRO17-80 173.22 178.15 1.57+ 4.93 New mineralized zone – Area #1
263.1 263.61 1.13 0.51 New mineralized zone – Area #1
CRO17-83 32.5 36.53 0.45 4.03 New mineralized zone – Area #1
198.13 198.47 39.8* 0.34 New mineralized zone – Area #1
CRO17-84 214.1 215.1 0.54 1.00 Test anomalous reverse circulation drillholes in Croteau Deformation zone
264.8 265.3 0.89 0.50
CRO17-85 115.0 116.0 1.26 1.00 Determine distribution of intrusive dykes within Croteau Bouchard shear
120.28 127.30 0.79 7.02
134.1 135.3 3.37+ 1.20
157.0 159.31 1.47+ 2.31
174.0 175.0 0.55 1.00
190.0 192.2 0.85 2.20
209.0 210.0 0.65 1.00
254.5 255.4 0.88 0.90
261.5 265.2 1.36 3.70
269.0 270.5 0.78 1.50
320.0 324.7 0.91 4.70
CRO17-86 123.9 124.4 0.45 0.50 Determine distribution of intrusive dykes within Croteau Bouchard shear
147.73 155.7 1.60+ 7.97
160.45 161.5 0.50 1.05
167.5 168.5 0.54 1.00
181.5 184.5 0.71 3.00
211.5 213.55 0.78 2.05
223.8 255.4 1.69+ 1.60
249.65 250.7 0.63 1.05
279.7 281.85 1.12+ 2.15
324.0 324.65 1.62 0.65
CRO17-88 159.7 160.2 0.94 0.50 New mineralized zone – Area #2
CRO17-89 99.2 100.0 0.66 0.80 New mineralized zone – Area #2
137.0 138.0 0.47 1.00 New mineralized zone – Area #2
163.0 164.0 0.90 1.00 New mineralized zone – Area #2
198.8 200.0 3.47* 1.20 New mineralized zone – Area #2

* gravimetric assay
+ gravimetric assay in part

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Northern Superior is a reporting issuer in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Québec, and trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol SUP.

The Company’s Qualified Person (“QP”) for the Croteau Est property is Ron Avery (P.Geo.). As the QP for the Croteau Est project, Mr. Avery has approved information disclosed in this press release.

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