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Wapistan Mineral Property

  • Gold / Silver / Copper
  • 100% Owned by Northern Superior Resources Inc

Project Introduction

The Wapistan (meaning “Marten” in Cree) mineral property is the first of a series of “new generation” mineral properties recently identified in Québec from Northern Superior Resources extensive geoscientific data base. The Wapistan mineral property is just one of twenty two Québec- based mineral properties, identified from this exercise.

The Wapistan mineral property ideally falls within the Company’s exploration criteria of being a large, highly prospective, underexplored, low exploration cost property, situated in a favourable political jurisdiction, such as Québec. In addition, this property is located within an emerging and exciting exploration and mining camp in the James Bay Lowlands of Québec, which includes mining and exploration activities from well-established and successful mining companies such as Eastmain and Gold Corp.

The Wapistan mineral property is 100% owned by Northern Superior Resources Inc.


  • Northern Superior stakes claims, July, 2015.

  • Northern Superior completes Helicopter-Borne Magnetic Geophysical Survey, May 2017

The Property

The Wapistan mineral property is district in scale, consisting of 207 claims or approximately 10,408 hectares, covering over a 32 km strike length of a major structure developed in an Archean- aged volcanic-sedimentary package (Figure 1).

This property is strategically located to take advantage of established infrastructure, significantly reducing exploration and development costs. The cross roads of two major access routes in the region (Route de la Baie-James and Trans-taiga) occur within this property, while a key secondary road (Chemin de Wemindji; Figure 1), running directly adjacent to the property, provides access to the James Bay coast line. Proximal to the project are commercial airports and fixed wing water bases. Two high voltage power lines also cross the property. Several communities occur within close proximity to the Wapistan property capable of providing support services.


As previously stated, the Wapistan mineral property covers approximately a 32 km strike length of a major structure developed in an Archean- aged volcanic-sedimentary package (Figure 2). This package, enclosed within the Wapistan property, hosts multiple gold and other precious metal occurrences (Table 1, Figure 3): in rocks similar to those associated with the Roberto Deposit (Goldcorp Inc.) and the Eau Claire Gold deposit (Eastmain Resources Inc.). This high potential corridor is characterized by intermediate to mafic volcanics, metasediments and iron formation, providing a wide range of rheological and geochemically contrasting rock types in a strongly deformed setting. These units and associated major structures are typical throughout each of the major gold mining camps in the Canadian Shield. Geological interpretation from previous (but limited) exploration indicate that the Wapistan property is favorable for hosting Orogenic and Porphyry style mineralization within this emerging gold district.

Exploration Outlook

In the spring of 2017, Northern Superior completed a 600 line-kilometer airborne geophysical survey, which included magnetic 3D inversion, VLF 2D inversion and AFMAG 2D inversion with geology integration. This high resolution, property-scale geophysical data has assisted with identifying targets and provdes a better understanding of the property geology.

Showing Location, UTM Related Sample Publication Publication
Name Easting Westing Zone Assay Values Type Source Number
ZoneA 317957 5888253 18 15.8 ppm Ag, 450 ppb Au Grab Sigeom GM 57565
        2.5 g/t Ag Grab Sigeom GM 57565
        15.4 g/t Ag, 1.42 g/t Au/ 1m Channel Sigeom GM 63775
Lac Wapistan-              
Ouest 324958 5892463 18 >1 g/t Au Grab Sigeom GM 49933
        1.4 g/t Au Grab Sigeom GM 50181
Lac Wapistan 326576 5892416 18 1,8% Cu, 0.31 g/t Au Grab Sigeom GM 49086
Poplar 335330 5896054 18 1850 ppm Cu, 752 ppm Ni, 5.6 g/t Ag Grab Sigeom GM 57920
        5.2 g/t Ag / 0.3m Chip Sigeom GM 57920
        4.9 g/t Ag/0.6m incl. 5.5 g/t Ag/0.3m Chip Sigeom GM 57920
        5.2 g/t Ag/ 1.5m incl. 7 g/t Ag/0.3m Chip Sigeom GM 57920
        600ppm Cu, 500ppm Pb, 230 ppm Zn, 316ppm Ni, 7.2 g/t Ag Grab Sigeom GM 57920
        720ppm Cu, 600ppm Pb, 269ppm Zn, 760ppm Ni, 6.6 g/t Ag Grab Sigeom GM 57920
Know Bull 340126 5898841 18 8260 ppm Cu Grab Sigeom GM 59618
              GM 59625
Anomalie 3-40 341569 5901741 18 5.87% Zn, 0.55% Pb, 21.26 g/t Ag, 1.03 g/t Au / 0.61m Channel Sigeom GM 10200
Lac Shabudowan 342361 5905245 18 7.19% Cu, 15.4 g/t Ag / 3.05m Chip Sigeom GM 10200
Lac Atikamakuch-571 343224 5910027 18 1.5 g/t Au Grab Sigeom GM 55997
Lac Atikamakuch-588 343891 5910845 18 2.3 g/t Au Grab Sigeom GM 55997
        350 ppb Au sur 1.4 m Channel Sigeom GM 55998
        2382 ppb ( 5kg of fragments) Grab Sigeom GM 55998
        500 ppb Au / 2m Drilling Sigeom GM 55998
Anomalie 4-26 343285 5912170 18 8.23 g/t Ag Grab Sigeom GM 10200
Lac Atsynia 345768 5911029 18 21.94 g/t Ag Grab Sigeom GM 10200
Table 1. Reported mineral occurrences, Northern Superior’s 100% owned Wapistan mineral property, Québec. Please refer to Figure 3 for location of the mineral occurrences listed in this Table.