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Corporate Social Responsibility

Management and staff of Northern Superior Resources understand that there is an important responsibility for the Company to properly and adequately engage with the communities and professional organizations that it is involved with. For example, in Sudbury where the Company’s head office is located, numerous presentations have been made by the President and CEO at local public events, public schools, Science North and Laurentian University. Similarly, he has also participated within the local Prospectors and Developers Association as President and Past President, has sat on the advisory committee for the geoscience programs at Cambrian College, on the board of directors for the Ontario Prospectors Association and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Mineral Exploration Research Centre at Laurentian University. The Company also is a member of the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce and is a supporter of a local media outlet, Republic of Mining, an important news source for northern Ontario mining and exploration news.

Northern Superior is a firm believer in the engagement of First Nation communities within those areas where the Company has active exploration programs. Where effective engagement is accommodated by the First Nation communities, effective, progressive and meaningful programs have ensued, beneficial to both the Community and the Company. Employing local First Nation community members, providing training for community members, using local infrastructure and support is an important component of every exploration program this Company embarks on. This engagement is supported through negotiated agreements such as the Early Exploration Benefits Agreement with Neskantaga First Nation, and the Pre- Development Agreement negotiated with Oujé Bougoumou, the Cree Regional Authority and the Grand Council of the Cree. Also, up until the recent downturn in the commodities markets, Northern Superior was awarded the “Committed” level to the Progressive Aboriginal Relations program of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business in 2012 and 2013. Northern Superior looks forward to re- engaging in this program now that it is once again active in exploration programs across Ontario and Québec.

Finally, Northern Superior has been very fortunate to have (and have had) exceptional geoscientists engaged in its exploration programs. The Company has always made the effort to expose undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of Universities and Colleges to these geoscientists through employment in its exploration programs and support of their thesis work. Northern Superior is proud to have supported several undergraduate, Master and Doctoral level thesis over the years. Even prouder still, of those young men and women who have moved on from our programs and various support efforts to become engaged and experienced professionals in a variety of activities within the geoscience community.